Can the U.S. and Russia Avoid an Arctic Arms Race?

The Arctic is currently experiencing major systemic changes as a result of climate change, which could produce greater international cooperation—or competition, and possibly conflict—among the states concerned. Both the United States and Russia have strong…

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Russian “countermeasures” to NATO are coming

When NATO leaders gather in Warsaw on July 8 to 9, they will announce steps to beef up the alliance’s conventional force presence on its eastern flank. NATO also will shortly announce that the SM-3…

Vladimir Putin, explained

Is the West misreading Russian President Vladimir Putin? Brookings Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for the United States and Europe Fiona Hillsets the record straight in a new article in the Bulletin of…


Free Ukraine by Freeing Energy Markets

Whether military, diplomatic, economic, or otherwise, the U.S. government has an array of policy options to bring to bear in response to Russia’s unacceptable aggression against Ukraine. However, one must not discount the impact that…


«Політичні події в Україні очима Вашингтону»

Гість студії — директор Центру Досліджень Східної Європи Микола Воробйов. У прямому ефірі разом Миколою говоритимуть, якими Вашингтон бачить політичні події в Україні, Давид Арахамія та Віктор Пузанов. Під час трансляції працює онлайн-чат — задавайте…


More Russian nuclear saber-rattling?

Reuters and the newspaper L’Obs reported last week that the French navy in January detected a Russian ballistic missile submarine off the French Atlantic coast in the Bay of Biscay. There was no military reason…


Letting go

Approaching its one-year anniversary date, the February 2015 Minsk II settlement agreement to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass is not faring well. All of its provisions were to have been implemented by Dec….