Beyond Migration: The Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Challenges of Immigrant Integration


Broadcast live streaming video on UstreamDespite decades of immigration, even the most multicultural countries in Europe are struggling with the scale of the current refugee crisis, and the challenge of integrating the newcomers. This crisis, one of Europe’s biggest of the past century, has the potential to alter the political fabric of the continent and undermine the foundation of post-WWII transnational institutions. The political and humanitarian consequences of the EU’s deal with Turkey have drawn much attention. But what about those refugees who have already made the trip and are now settling in Europe, if only temporarily? Looking back, what lessons can European governments learn from successes and failures in integrating earlier generations of immigrants? Join us for a discussion of the dilemmas of immigration control in Europe, as well as the longer-term issues of immigrant integration, identity, and belonging.


  • Henri J. Barkey

    Director, Middle East Program

  • James Hollifield

    Public Policy Fellow

  • Riva Kastoryano

    Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Research, SciencesPo, Paris; Visiting Professor of Political Science, The New School

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