The Mission of С4EEP is to strengthen relationships at the local, business, and government levels between U.S. and the Eastern European region including Ukraine, to foster a culture of cooperative understanding, and to uphold democracy, rule of law and freedom in post-soviet countries including Ukraine via open communication, public discussions, exchange programs and other avenues.

Today there is still a significant gap in understanding between the post-soviet societies and the U.S., which prevents Washington from implementing  effective policy in the region and strengthening democracy, human rights and other fundamental values there. One of the reasons is that we can’t completely understand another country if we don’t speak their language, or if we haven’t at least spent some period of time “on the ground”. That’s why within C4EEP we have decided to gather the most successful politicians, businessmen, scholars and other leaders from both regions in order to promote their education and awareness of the current affairs in Ukraine and other post-Soviet states.

By speaking the same language we can improve understanding between both regions and move toward breaking down the invisible “iron curtain,” which still mentally exists on the borders of Eastern Europe. At the same time, such honest and open conversation will help us  fight together against different sorts of propaganda and manipulations which some interested media are trying to spread without any reasons.

Finally the main role of the C4EEP is to become an unofficial mediator between Eastern European, including Ukrainian, civil societies and American society by conducting different events and bringing together the most outstanding professionals who want to be a voice in their country. Since this project is mainly supported by ordinary citizens via their personal donations and we want their voices to be heard first.

Such effective measures will help us to maintain peace and stability in Ukraine and at the same time will improve the U.S. international policy in Eastern Europe.

What we do ?

  • Organization and logistics for the different delegations including officials, scholars, students, artists etc.


  • Public events and discussions at The Heritage foundation, Foreign Policy Initiative, Wilson Center, Voice of America, George Washington University, American University, Ukrainian parliament (“Verhovna Rada”) and other Organizations;


  • Conducting a number of events in Washington D.C. on Ukrainian crises from the revolution of “Euromaidan” to the annexation of Crimea and military conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Explaining how to defend Europe from the Russian threat;


  • Providing recommendations to the US officials and policymakers about their better strategy on Eastern Europe focusing on Ukraine;


  • Publications for the most prominent online media in the U.S., Ukraine and Russia;


  • Sharing of the important and exclusive first hand information among U.S. community, intelligence, think-tanks and the U.S. Congress;


  • Educate more people from Eastern Europe about the domestic situation, politics and culture in the U.S. Its policy in the region including Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Moldova.

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